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Welcome to Synthesis Solutions

Synthesis Solutions provides a one stop shop for all aspects of new ideas and solution generation, research & development (R&D), and new product/process development or improvement of existing products/processes. If your company does any of these or has a challenge that needs solving or simply a fresh approach to resolving an ongoing one, you will benefit from working with .

has the innovative spirit, ideas, methodical approach, engineering excellence, funding assistance knowledge, intellectual property expertise, relationships and connections that will help your company develop ideas faster and better.

provides many specialized technical services that will facilitate customer knowledge and growth and greatly benefit customers, as well as engineerondemand - experienced engineers to help our customers efficiently and effectively handle increased workloads only when they require it.

Synthesis means:
  • Combining separate elements to form a coherent whole
  • Reasoning from the general to the particular; logical deduction.
  • Formation of a solution from simpler elements.
Synthesis Solutions means doing these things to achieve better results and devise better solutions for our customers.

Company goals
Company Principles & Policies
Synthesis Solutions Introduction

Why are we here?

To help our customers grow faster by providing the best technical support, information, guidance and training.

We went for a mission statement that is simple, coherent and practical so that everyone can remember it, which is consistent with our motto; our employees can internalize and live by it. It is on our business cards and anyone can assess if we are doing it. At we say what we will do and deliver on what we say.

Are obstacles getting in your way? can help overcome them

Please call with any questions or to discuss your needs and how you may benefit from our services:
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