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Customers will be treated with the utmost respect and consideration while addressing their needs to the best of our ability.

New customers are important for the company's growth prospects and development.

Established customers are even more important, since satisfying their needs is what has allowed the company to grow to where it is today.


Employees are the most important asset of and the company will operate consistently to treating them as such. Happy employees do a better job of serving the needs of our existing customers, showing prospective customers the benefits of working with and contribute to a higher standard of business interaction and conduct.

All employees are encouraged to take leadership roles in passionately serving our customers in the best possible way, balanced with co-worker and supplier cooperation.

Such employee contributions make a company of leaders within a team framework.


All ideas, inventions, innovations, concepts and other sensitive customer information will be treated as confidential and be only discussed with the respective customer and internally at . The only exception will be when the customer approves in writing of communication outside this group. Absolute confidentiality of customer information is fundamentally important to since our customer must feel safe entrusting with this most sensitive and potentially valuable property for the purposes of further development, preparing to most suitably protect it or for commercialization.

Communicate with all employees in a fair, open and honest manner.

Establish long-term employee relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Encourage interpersonal and team strengthening through appropriate activities outside work; some including families and others employee focused.

Provide a clean, comfortable, safe and healthy workplace that is conducive to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

The company is sincere in its efforts to resolve problems or concerns that employees may have in an expeditious manner that is fair to all employees and within the means of the company to provide.

Extra work will be viewed as a temporary situation brought about by;

  • ie deadlines that must be met
  • bridging a gap in time between when 'part of an employee' is needed and when a suitable full time employee can be afforded and found and starts working.

Each employee will be empowered to:

  • make smaller spending decisions. It is expected they will spend it responsibly and carefully as they would their 'own money'.
  • do everything they reasonably can to facilitate better customer service.
  • propose changing the 'normal' way of doing things to a method that makes better sense when such a situation arises.
  • bring larger issues to the attention of their supervisor for resolution
  • propose new business/product ideas for an appropriate group of colleagues to discuss
  • and assess what benefits and advantages may result from it.

Change is good if it improves some aspect of our operation.
Goals are a view of where you want to be. Ideals are the path to get there.

Company goals and plans will always be clearly stated and updated regularly so everyone in the organization knows where is going and how we are going to get there. This will help our employees to 'see' how their jobs and daily tasks align with the companies goals and plans and suggest ways to improve this alignment for better progress, being more productive with the same effort and that it all makes sense. Such clarity and transparency is intended to encourage our employees to trust the company in how it treats and responds to employees, customers and suppliers. wants to ensure all employees are pulling in the same direction for the benefit of all. Any questions, concerns, or confusing points should be raised and resolved to the most mutually agreeable solution.

Employees are encouraged to make things to try out their ideas or otherwise advance their vision. If this requires use of machine tools, safety dictates that either training will be provided or parts made for them. While innovation is absolutely encouraged, safe operation of such equipment is of absolute importance.

Continuous improvement is a central theme. When a situation arises that leads to the assessment 'That's the way we have always done it' indicates it is time to reassess if it is the best approach.

Employees are encouraged to passionately get to know the prospective or existing customers product needs, even better than they do. Aim to be able to offer suggestions and designs that will meet their needs as well as surprise them by providing benefits or addressing needs they may not have recognized. Be a resource for the customer by making extra efforts to solve their problems.

Please call with any questions or to discuss your needs and how you may benefit from our services:
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